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Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body DVD region 0

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Buckle down for a hypersonic cardiovascular roller coaster ride with Bob's, Extreme Cardio Workout. Crush hundreds of calories with fast paced plane-changing movements, demanding total core engagement, and driving muscles forward as they race against your flying heart rate. Every inch of your body will burn as cutting-edge weight-wielding maneuvers command complete cardio and muscular activation, to demolish fat calories, pound for pound. Tower above your highest level and watch fat melt away as you pick up speed and exhibit excellent form with every unrelenting go-round. Stopping is not an option. Let's go! WORKOUT 1: Extreme Cardio Challenge One hour of high-level cardiovascular weight training incinerates calories as ou push through each and every critical movement. Hone in on key muscle groups, beginning with the lower body to jump-start your heart rate, setting your legs and glutes on fire. Advance to the upper body for an unabridged, electrifying workout, targeting the arms, chest and back. Feel yourself sweat as you breathe through continuous, rapid motion, pushing your cardio workout to the next level. WORKOUT 2: 10-Minute Glute Challenge Key combinations of small-range motion and core strength work to micro-target your glutes for an essential workout in 10 minutes flat. Slow and controlled movements isolate the lower half to blast fat and refine muscle tone in fundamental regions of the body. Think glutes and feel the burn long after you've completed this vigorous 10-minute workout. PUSH YOURSELF OUT OF THE BOX!

Total Running Time: 78 Minutes
Warm-Up: (stretching) 4 minutes
Aero-tone Intervals: 58 minutes
Cool Down (stretch): 2 minutes

Instructor's name: Bob Harper
Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning
Fitness Level: High Intermediate-Advanced
Equipment Needed: Hand Weights
Release Date: 2011
Region: 0 (Worldwide)